The beginning

After years of being inspired by every one I know being brilliant and wonderful writers, I decided to start writing some of myself down in a more coherent form than my journal. About a month went by of me sitting and staring at my cranky computer screen and stabbing at my keyboard. Occasional swearing was involved. It eventually got easier and one day, I realized I had something to say. Then, the something to say got so loud in my brain that I HAD to write or else it wouldn’t shut up.

I never thought about having a blog or showing very many people what I write. I didn’t find what my brain had to say to be all that interesting or thrilling outside the corners of my head.

I recently sent some of my writings to my sweet friend Laura who began to threaten to do things to me if I didn’t start a blog. The threats along with the encouragement of my parents after I sent them a “mama” essay finally convinced me to think seriously about showing other people what I write. The clincher came by way of another blogger, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. She wrote about an experience she had that touched me and lifted me up. I don’t know her, I will never meet her, but she has made me, a girl who lives thousands of miles away, laugh and enjoy life more because of her writings.

I have no agenda with my blog other than to be to someone what Jamie was to me.

And I don’t want Laura to have to kill me.

So, here goes!

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2 Responses to The beginning

  1. Laura Jane says:

    I’m so honored to be mentioned in your very first post! I promise I won’t kill you… but I will be checking in often to read the wonderful things you write.

    I love you.

    And I’ll be back.

  2. Brenda says:

    I am glad Laura didn’t have to kill you, because then I would have had to kill Laura, and I like Laura’s blog so I really would like to spare her if at ALL possible.

    I am so happy you are blogging, Mia.

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