Colorado Weirds

Life has been, and will continue to be, way too serious and intense as we continue to deal with Jake’s health problems. My brain needed some relief and I thought the best way to do it would be to take you on a tour of some of the “weirds” around Colorado Springs.

One of my best friends started taking pictures of the truly bizarre around southern California and wrote about it on her blog. See her hilarious work at   Because I love her and it’s fun to have a common project, I started taking pictures of some of the “Colorado Weirds”. Some of the things are objectively weird as you will see, but some of it is just weird to me. Enjoy the tour!

Colorado Springs has an odd fixation with statues. They are everywhere. I remember having the living daylights scared out of me by a three foot sculpture of a puma that had been placed by an overgrown bush. Everywhere you look there is a horse, a bird, a series of odd looking children, but this one has got to be my favorite in the category of strange…

A Tire!!!!!!

Coming a close second is…

Huge, red paperclips which brings to mind the quote, “If your sculpture is bad, make it big. If it’s still bad, make it red.” Well done, Colorad Springs. We almost had terrible art! J


The founder of any city deserves a statue and of course, we have one of our founding father, General William Palmer. Where did we decide to put this statue?

In the middle of the street where he causes heart attacks, traffic jams and swearing.

Remember the odd looking children I talked about before?

I would NOT buy a pumpkin from this kid!

We don’t just do weird statues, we also do sculptures of spores.



And this lovely…

I can’t think of anything to say about this one, but “Um, wow.”


In my opinion, a statue of Jesus should inspire awe and reverence. This one always makes me laugh, since he looks like he’s trying to scare small children.




Driving out to a campground, we came along this beauty, which is an advertisement for a Museum of Science and is possibly responsible for the car wrecks on this stretch of road. I left a car in the picture so you can see how huge it is.

It‘s thinking, “I kill you!”


Our strange habits are not limited to sculpture and art. We also really like to paint houses very weird colors.


Someone just had way too much time on their hands. But, even though it’s really odd, it seems to work and I’m finding I like it.


There are some really good weirds that I have discovered, too. There are rivers, and green trees, and MOUNTAINS!

Say hello to Cheyenne. This is where the show Stargate takes place for all you science fiction nerds.


These are just a few of the “weirds” I have come to love around Colorado Springs. I have about 100 more pictures of the weird, strange or funny, so maybe I’ll continue to involve you my discoveries.  Thanks for having fun with me and for the opportunity to let my brain relax a little.  It was very needed!

And here’s one more weird, just for fun.

In case you were wondering whatever happened to Bobby Brown, rest assured that he’s alive and well and running a bail bond business. I know you were worried!










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7 Responses to Colorado Weirds

  1. cheekypinky says:

    Oooo, Scary Jesus is Scary!

    Regretsy may need to start a site devoted purely to weirdo sculptures…

  2. Laura Jane says:

    Sweet jujubees, I think the colorful one started out as a rubix cube at the bottom and then morphed in to a huge everlasting gobstopper.

  3. Brenda says:

    “Raaaar!” (started laughing)

    “I kill you!” (laughed harder and realized I should have gone to the bathroom BEFORE reading this post)

    I got SO lucky to have you for a sister!

  4. Becky says:

    “We also do sculptures of spores.” LOL! 🙂

  5. Brenda says:

    Yep …. “Raaaar!” and “I kill you!” still put me right on the edge of needing Depends. You rock, Mia.

  6. Dyann says:

    Thanks for the laugh. I love the spore comment and the ‘Raaaaaar!’

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