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The Adventure Wall: Pikes Peak Highway

Pikes Peak is one of the most famous mountains in the country, if not the world. Some Coloradans get snotty about it being famous since it sits near the bottom half of the 55“fourteeners” (mountains 14,000 feet or higher in … Continue reading

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Jake’s Tummy-Mini Update

I thought it was time for an update, since many of you have been kind of enough to ask about our progress with Jake’s acid reflux. Not much has happened in the last month, so this one isn’t going to … Continue reading

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Airplanes and Underpants

I’m sure you will know exactly what I mean when I say that I experienced my “last straw” today. It wasn’t a really huge last straw like being hit by a car, or breast cancer, or my house burning down. … Continue reading

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Running: On Your Mark…

I have an on again, off again relationship with running. I’ve always liked it, but it’s also always been hard. I’m not a natural runner, that’s for sure! I usually struggle with it, but want to do it enough to … Continue reading

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