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Jake’s Fingers-A Different Boy!

I’ve spent the week since Jake’s last occupational therapy appointment being really thankful.  Life stinks sometimes and making lists of the good, when things are good, is important and encouraging.  Here’s my thankful list: This week: 🙂  After only a … Continue reading

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Jake’s Fingers-Say What?

On any given day,  if a mother wrote down every thing she said,  the list would be a little strange.  I have heard myself telling Jake to stop hitting the dogs with his spoon, not to run into the couch with the car and to leave … Continue reading

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High Maintenance

It’s time I admitted that I’m high maintenance.  I wish I were the kind of woman that could put her hair up in a pony tail, dash on some lipgloss, look and feel fantastic and head out into a day full … Continue reading

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Jake’s Fingers-Evil Applesauce

Jake’s third appointment was today and among other things, we learned that applesauce can be EVIL! The first half of our appointment was the same as the last two weeks-lots of playing, reinforcing the right way to sit and encouraging … Continue reading

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Jake’s Fingers-Therapy Begins

A note of introduction:  This blog series documents the journey through the first two years of my son Jacob’s diagnosis with Sensory Processing Disorder and the beginning of his therapy.  While it is informative, it’s mostly one mama trying to … Continue reading

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