Jake’s Fingers: A Stubborn Streak

At our house, most likely at any house, some weeks are calm and we can be focused on Jake’s physical therapy, his snack therapy and the sun can shine down on us as the music swells and we frolic through fields of daisies just before the credits roll on another Lifetime after school special.  This week life was closer to Jaws.  The dogs ran away, Jake locked me out of the house, Greg’s office moved and he was away a LOT, all of us developed allergies and Jake’s behavior was just…bad.  He shoved a little girl in the nursery (she stood up for herself!) and decided that licking the kitchen cabinets was a good alternative to slamming them. Jake’s stubborn streak has presented itself in more unusual and not good ways than any other time I can think of.  I’ve alternated between laughing and crying this week and I’m sure that every mother out could share equally funny/terrifying stories.

Since this week has been so crazy, I feel like I’ve had to cram his therapy into the cracks rather than really being able to work with Jake calmly and intelligently.  I’ve totally forgotten to brush him a few days.  His therapy snacks have gone alright, but the last five minutes he just sits there looking at me like he’s thinking, “Is this all you got, lady?  I’m totally bored now.”  I need to ask Becky for more things to do with him!

We have had some triumphs though.  On Saturday, I was munching on some sesame sticks and Jake hugged my knees and opened his mouth.  I decided that I had the energy to clean barf up off the floor and so I popped one in his mouth.  And, as if this is something he does all the time, he crunched it and opened his mouth for another.  He probably wondered why he was being hugged, kissed and cried over, but I was too excited to remain calm.  Since then, he’s bummed more sesame sticks, bread, chips and a cookie off of me.  Since he hates sweet things, the cookie got a gag out of him before I fished it out of his mouth.  He’s also taken to hanging around the dinner table and staring at our food.  We still get a lot of this when we offer him food…

But, we also get some of this…

Which is AMAZING!

Becky had lots of suggestions for how to make our snack therapy more fun, but really encouraged me to use my imagination.   I had already come up with the idea of using Jake’s food as “rocket ships” including the sounds of blasting off to get him to touch things, so I just need to keep thinking creatively.  This week, we are going to pretend like we are dogs and cats who lick and bite things and we’ll experiment with a new texture: Jicama!  Which I hate.  So, maybe we’ll BOTH get over our sensory issues with jicama.  🙂

Today, we went to the physical therapy gym and played in a huge ball pit and Jake alternately loved and hated it.  He loved it as long as he was on his tummy, but if he started to roll over onto his back, he lost perspective of where his body was,  similar to the time I got tossed by a wave at the beach.  For about ten seconds, I had no idea which way was up.  He feels like that when he’s on his back, it just doesn’t go away.  After seeing how Jake did in the ball pit and on the trampoline (I seriously want their gym set up in my basement!), Becky is going to write a prescription for physical therapy, which we will hopefully start next week.  It’s going to be another big bite of life for me to chew, but I don’t really care.  I want to do whatever it takes to get Jake better!

Becky and I talked about how Jake has a lot going for him.  An invested family, which I’ve already written about, but he also that huge stubborn streak, determination, a strong sense of adventure, and the desire to do the things that are presented to him. All of that is going to help my little guy on his journey, through therapy and into the rest of life!

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4 Responses to Jake’s Fingers: A Stubborn Streak

  1. Ruth says:

    Yea Jicama!
    …that is pretty much all I have to say…other than, thanks for keeping us updated 🙂

  2. Dyann says:

    Yay for baby steps!
    Yay for sesame sticks!
    Yay for eating like dogs!
    Yay for forward growth!
    Yay for trampolines and ball pits!
    Yay for a stubborn streak?

  3. Laura Jane says:

    Hrm. I know I left a comment here yesterday, but it appears WordPress has deleted it!!! GAR!!!!

    It was a message letting you know I love getting to read about your life. I’m glad you decided to put your thoughts and life up here on this blog so I can peek in from so far away.

    I love you.

  4. Joseph Echevarria says:

    I second what Laura says. Praying for you and your family and delighted at your progress!

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