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Jake’s Fingers: Chips Ahoy!

Today was a day for discoveries.  Lots were good, some of them, I’ll have to wait and see how they turn out. Our first discovery is that Jake likes being ignored.  But, only when he’s trying to eat something new.  … Continue reading

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Two Screws Loose

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m always just a little shy of nuts.  I have more than my share of odd thoughts, desires to chop my hair off and dye it all blue, I fantasize about chucking the American dream … Continue reading

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Jake’s Fingers: “One Smart Bear”

After our physical therapy assessment in the morning, Jake and I arrived a little bedraggled to his feeding therapy appointment.  Jake was exhausted after a rough morning and passed straight out and didn’t wake up until a few minutes before … Continue reading

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Jake’s Legs: Preparation for Life

We reached another milestone in Jake’s therapy today since we finally had his physical therapy assessment this morning.  Whenever we’ve reached a milestone, there has been much rejoicing and excitement.  After today, I kinda wanted to kick this particular milestone … Continue reading

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Jake’s Fingers: I Can Do It Myself & Snack Therapy

The last few weeks of Jake’s therapy have been, um, challenging.  Which is the nice word I use when life has been straight up impossible.  Jake plateaued and then slid merrily backwards into gagging at food, saying “NO” to everything, … Continue reading

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Jake’s Fingers-The Plateau

This week has been an off week for Jake’s therapy.  Last week, Becky and I decided to dial to give Jake a little break.  By accident, I gave him a big break from therapy.  I had a stomach bug going, so … Continue reading

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