Jake’s Fingers: Seeing the Maze More Clearly

Since our sweet Becky needed to be a mama this week, Jake and I didn’t have therapy.  I thought this would be a good time to do a general update on how he’s doing.

We’ve been seeing a great pediatrician over the last month and we’ve ruled out almost every health problem.  Interestingly enough, we are making a track back from the obscure and weird to the usual and mundane.  We’ll be testing his iron levels, since most kids who live at high altitude are iron deficient, testing his vitamin D, and maybe a few very basic allergy tests.  Other than that, we’ve got a very healthy, tiny-butted kid on our hands.  I’m very thankful for that!

Jake’s speech is still mostly “Troll talk” and so in the next few weeks, he’ll be going to see an audiologist and a ophthalmologist.  Not that poor vision would have anything to do with delayed speech, but many kids who are delayed have vision problems, so we’ll be adding yet another kind of doctor to our retinue.  The very nice audiologist that she would run the tests and then give us the results while we waited.  I have to admit that I’m almost getting used to getting in to see specialists within a few days and having them give me tests results almost immediately.  Another thing I’m very thankful for!  I don’t believe that Jake has hearing or vision problems, but it’s one of those things that we need to be absolutely sure of before we take many more steps.

We are reaching the end of our health insurance funded therapy and will be switching over to privately funded therapy soon.  I did hear back from the philanthropic organization who subsidizes therapy for small people, but they came back with the twice the amount I said we could afford.  I’ve been over our finances in every way I can think of and unless they wil reconsider, I will have to believe that God shut that particular door.  We will be receiving lots of help through the school district and as they give the same kind of care, but at absolutely no cost to us, I think I’ll be happy with that.  I’m still harassing the appeal board at the other organization, but have yet to even get a call back.  I am persistent, though, so I’ll get an answer one way or another!

I’ve been really trying to keep my newer goal firmly in mind, which is to work hard every day trying to reach the people who need to be involved in all these decisions, but after five o’clock in the evening, I set it all aside, clear my mind of everything and enjoy the rest of life.  The next morning, after a great deal of prayer, I start the whole process over. 

A few weeks ago, I hit bottom with Jake not wanting to eat for me.  I decided I had to throw everything out and start over.  I didn’t change as much as I thought I needed to and it really came down to just leaving Jake alone to finish his food when he felt comfortable.  Now, he’s eating graham crackers, Cheezits, chicken sticks, Cheetos, Ritz crackers, puffed veggie sticks, as well as the Cheerios.  It’s been amazing to see the huge turn around for him.

His speech has also dramatically improved.  The words we’re hearing a lot these days are Mama, Daddy, no (of course), yup, no way (which makes me laugh), cracker (which comes out “crickrrrrrr”), doggie, funny, silly, and he’s making an attempt at the dogs names, which usually sounds something like “ack” and “cece”.  Even though his speech is 95 percent garbled, he’s actually trying to talk clearly for the first time ever.  The first time he said “cracker”, I just about fell over.  It’s pretty fantastic!

His physical developement seems to be coming along as well.  He’s running now, not just walking really fast with a hop every once in a while.  He’s getting more confidant with stairs, climbing and can now get away from me faster than I ever thought possible.

 I’ve always believed that those who love and care for children with health problems have a very dark maze to try to navigate.  We have each other to lean on, but it really comes down to walking slowly, in the dark, and trying to feel our way along a path that is very mysterious.  It really seems like about two weeks ago, a lightbulb clicked on in the little maze of Jake, and all of a sudden, we could start seeing his path more clearly.

I’m so happy that we are seeing some very concrete progress and am starting to be excited about the next steps.  Mostly, daily, I’m leaning on the God who put Jake together and Who knows his maze without needing the lights on.

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