Jake’s Second Birthday

Last Monday, our sweet Jake turned two years old.   For all of you who couldn’t be here (and that’s pretty much everyone), here are some of the highlights of his special day. 

Jake woke up to me singing Happy Birthday to him and he was a little cranky about it, to be honest.  After breakfast and a cuddle, he got to open his first present of the day.






Which was sidewalk chalk.

After we got all uncrankied and dressed for the day, we went outside and played with new present.  It was a very cold, rainy morning, which was appropriate since it was a cold, rainy morning the day he was born.








And then he played with the sprinkler head he found laying on the ground.








“Can I swing with you Mama?”

It quickly got too cold and rainy and so we headed inside to get warm.








Jake and his beloved “Nenny” that he got from Mama Kate and Papa Jake.  He slept with that blanket the first night he came home from the hospital and he’s been pretty attached every since.

Then, birthday snack.  Which is just like regular snack, with the addition of the Happy Birthday Song.







“Rain, rain, go away.  Come again on a day that isn’t my birthday!  I wanna go outside and play.”








“I get TWO cups on my birthday?  No way!”








After we played, I made his birthday cake (angel food cake with butter frosting and sprinkles, which is really the birthday cake I always remember having).  We talked about his cake a lot and he seemed kind of excited about it, but I was pretty sure he wouldn’t actually want any. 

Here he’s “helping” me by making sure the oven light stays on…the chore I give to him when I’m using something I don’t want him to touch.








I wish I could have a video of this moment, because he’s making the same high pitched sound the hand mixer was making.  It makes me laugh every time.

Then, it was nap time so I could get the rest of his presents ready.  Thankfully, the rain stopped long enough for me to get my next suprise ready for him.

Jake loves to garden with me.  Since he’s only two, he is pretty indiscriminate about what things he pulls up, where he digs, and how he uses the sharp tools.  I’ve caught him running with my gardening claw one too many times to keep any less than an eye and a half on him while we are working outside. 

So, I decided it was time to get him his own tools that would be safe and give him his very own little place to dig and explore without me having to replant a sad little vegetable.  I went to Walmart the night before and bought every bright colored, buriable thing I could find for under ten bucks. 

And made this for my budding little gardener.







And wrote on two stones to commemorate the day.







Then, it was time to wake up, get dressed, and have an afternoon “crackerrrrrrrrrrr”.









One of our favorite things to do every day is go for a walk.  And, what could be better than a Birthday Walk.  (You know, same as every day walk, but still…so fun!)

















“I have to walk HOW far?” 


Such a big boy!
















“Hey, Mama!  Look at this stick!  Can you even believe it?”








“No more walking, please.  It IS my birthday after all.”

The sweet birthday boy.















“Presents?  Woohoo!”









“I got a shovel!”









“And a belly.  Oh, wait.  I had that already.”


Then, outside to discover his new little garden and to play with his new toys.








“This is really for me?”


Jake took his new garden very, very seriously.  (Uncle Seth, you should be very proud of his archeological tendencies.)








Then, back inside for more playing and being silly.  And, of course, being mostly interested in the box that the gardening tools came in.














Then, time for cake!  He tried so hard to blow the candle out.  He thought it was so funny, I re-lit it several times.  🙂







Jake become somewhat blurry around the edges when we tried to get him to actually EAT some of the cake.   Oh well.  Maybe next year.

We got to Skype with Grammie and Grandad while Jake opened their present to him.








Which was his very own toolbench!








Next, birthday cards…


…and learning to say how old he is.  Two and a half?  Three-ish?  Something like that.








Then, it was time for good night snuggles and kisses and maybe a few whacks for the dogs.















“Goodnight, world.”









Goodnight, Birthday Boy.









I love you so, so, so much.  I love being your Mama and I look forward to holding your hand and heart throughout the next year.  Happy Birthday, Jacob Grayden.

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9 Responses to Jake’s Second Birthday

  1. Laura Jane says:

    What a fun birthday! And SUCH an awesome idea giving Jake his own garden!
    It looks like you had a great time making his day so special. Wish we could’ve been there.

  2. Kiert says:

    You are such a rockin mama!! I love, love, love the “big boy” picture. And also, what a great idea for his own garden! I may steal that! (I’ll make sure Seth sees.)

    • Thanks, Kiert! Whenever I see Jake walking like such a big boy, I flash forward to him wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, or possibly wearing lots of lycra and performing in Cirque Du Soleil. 🙂 He really loved sifting his little artifacts and it immediately made me think of Seth. Love you guys!

  3. Catherine says:

    This is so sweet – thank you for making me less sad to miss the special days! I can hardly wait to see you and him and Greg!

  4. Shannon Wilson says:

    Happy two day to Jake! I love your garden idea too! Yes, I may be stealing it as well.

  5. cheekypinky says:

    Can I teach him how to climb silks?
    Pretty please?

    The Jake’s Garden is quite possibly the best idea in the history of ever for a birthday present.
    I kinda want one!

    Good job, Mama Mary.
    Good job, Papa Greg.

    This kiddo is going to just keep becoming more amazing.

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