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The Kid’s Speech: The Beginning

Today, we opened another chapter in the book of Jake’s journey through the maze of Sensory Processing Disorder.  It was an encouraging morning and I’m thankful for some very good things that came out of our first meeting with our … Continue reading

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Chronic Pain: A Spiral Broken

As I sat down to begin my new blog series on chronic pain, I had to take so many deep breaths, I just about hyperventilated and fell over.  It’s not something I’ve talked about very much.  You may not even … Continue reading

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Two-Foot Humility Enforcers

Today, it happened.  I became the lunatic mother who threatens her child in public.  I swore it would never happen to me.  Before children, I looked at those red-faced mothers, talking through clenched teeth an inch away from their child’s face, and … Continue reading

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Jake’s Fingers: So Long, Farewell

There are a handful of people in this world who I believed have changed my life.  My high school literature teachers, my first piano teacher, my third flute teacher, my ninjutsu instructor from L.A., and of course, a few friends, and family are … Continue reading

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