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Chronic Pain: The Question of Healing

Over the last year, as my chronic pain has kicked into high gear, I have come face to face with the question of healing.  Let me tell you, this is a tough subject for those of us who deal with … Continue reading

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The Kid’s Speech: “T…T…Tantrum.”

It seems, so often, that after we’ve figured out how to fix life’s curve balls, things get worse before they get better.  I remember when my oncologist told me that thing were about to get really cruddy just prior to my chemotherapy … Continue reading

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The Kid’s Speech: Breaking Habits

After last week’s reality check, and a lot of encouragement from you all, I met Lisa at the door today with a renewed sense of purpose.  I had no doubts that we are on the right track, which helped me … Continue reading

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The Kid’s Speech: A Fresh Perspective

I’m writing today as a very tired mama, but one with some perspective, which I’ll tell you about in a few paragraphs.  Greg was traveling last week, which left me on my own to work my way through four days of … Continue reading

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The Kid’s Speech: Lisa the Encourager

If I were Catholic, I would be filling out the application for sainthood for our new therapist, Lisa.  Our second week of therapy was just as good, if not better, than the first week.  I discovered that Lisa works at … Continue reading

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