The Kid’s Speech: Huh?

I just realized that I forgot to write about Jake’s last speech therapy appointment.  I guess I’m not too surprised that I blanked on it given the events of the past week.  For those of you who don’t know, my grandmother passed away and I’m currently procrastinating packing for my trip to Washington for the funeral.  I’ve spent the last week not caring about much of anything, including speech therapy, but on Sunday night decided that I needed to be done with that phase of grieving.  So, now I’m catching up on the things I need to do, want to do, but part of my heart still hurts a ton.  So, yeah, that’s why I didn’t write about this sooner.  It’s amazing how nobody got hit by a bus as a result.  🙂

Okay.  The reason I didn’t just skip writing about this last week is because it was yet another pivotal appointment.  Lisa brought her bag of tricks, also known as clever assessment tools, and we discovered that Jake is NOT speech delayed.

To which I said, “Huh?”

Yeah, he’s right on schedule.  He can say a few of his letters clearly, a whole lot of others sorta clearly, and the rest is anyone’s best guess.  He is slightly, slightly, slightly behind on stringing together more than two intelligible syllables.  For example,  Greg was trying to get Jake to say “coffee” tonight and they had the following conversation.

Greg:  Coffee

Jake:  Bopee

Greg:  Co    ffee

Jake:  Co  ffee

Greg:  Coffee

Jake:  Bopee

Separate the syllables, Jake has the sounds down fine. But, put them together and they get scrambled.  Which is pretty normal for his age.

The other thing that came as a result of the assessment this week, is that Jake scored well into the 3-year-old range for cognitive abilities.  Which made me laugh since I knew he was smart, and the school district scored him as BELOW average cognitively simply because he can’t say the answers to the questions they were asking.  Which is directly related to why we all thought he did need speech therapy.  He will talk your leg off, in entire paragraphs, but we can’t understand one single word.  Most two-year olds have a third of his communication, but they can be understood.  If Jake talked less, we probably wouldn’t have even noticed that he was struggling with his enunciation.

At the end of the assessment, I looked at Lisa and said, “Why are we doing speech therapy if he is on track?”  To which she unfortunately replied, “I’m really not sure.  We don’t even START working with kids on their diction until they are three!”. 

We decided that Jake’s sensory processing disorder is still manifesting itself mostly in relation to his eating.   He still won’t chew half the time, and resists touching his food at all.  We’re still feeding him ninety percent of his meals and those meals are taking at least a half hour of constant encouragement and prompting.  Which is getting old.

So, Lisa is going to petition the school district on our behalf to get Jake re-assessed, this time with an occupational therapist.  An OT isn’t a usual part of their assessing sessions, so the major part of Jake’s problems simply weren’t addressed.  I’m glad Lisa is going to help us with this since she’s a professional, they will believe her, and it’s one less thing I have to worry about right now.

I hate to lose Lisa, but it looks like we are going to have to switch to a third therapist if we get the re-assessment pushed through.  Lisa deserves to be where she can be best used and if there is someone else out there who can help us even more than she can, I’m willing to start the search over.  It just makes me tired to think about right now!  

That’s the short version of the story.  We are skipping therapy this week so I can travel and we’ll meet up again next week to figure out what’s next. 

I would very much appreciate prayers for our family as we lay our mother and grandmother to rest this Saturday.  I’m pretty sure that most of our 40 plus family will be in attendance this weekend and that speaks volumes about how amazing Grandma Cox was as a lady.  As you can imagine, it’s going to be tough, but good to be together.  It’s just a lot to take in right now and I hope I remember to pack my underwear!  🙂 

Love you all very much.



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2 Responses to The Kid’s Speech: Huh?

  1. Catherine says:

    Underwear is good!

    I wondered about Jake’s speech and cognition. I don’t think saying the alphabet in order and counting to 10 is necessarily expected of two year olds. I know this makes another wrinkle in things, but I guess it is good news — I hope he will eventually get hungry 😉

  2. Janet W says:

    Well OKAY! Jake’s case is so intricate – I think some therapist would love to write a thesis on the whole thing, including the huge effort of his parents to figure out how to help their son.

    The passing of your Grandmother is a large loss to me and to our church. I especially will miss her prayers. Your Grandpa frequently told me that they prayed for us just like we were their own kids! How do you replace that?

    It will be good to see you this weekend.

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