The Kid’s Speech: Eau de Toilette Fingers

This week has been our “back to normal” week.  Since I’m still struggling with a lot of things on the personal level after the death of my sweet grandmother, it’s been hard to enforce normal on myself.  It’s so necessary, though.

Getting back to normal means catching up on things like laundry, cleaning house, paying bills, organizing the clutter, all while getting lots of hugs from Jake.  It’s been a little busy, which is why it took me three or four times to realize that Jake shouldn’t keep needing me to dry his hands.  He had his full water glass.  The dog bowls are downstairs.  Which leaves…

The toilet!  Jake hates having wet fingers, so I thought that we were going to have a pass on this particular phase.  I guess it’s a good thing, but it really grosses me out.

Another phase that just showed up is that Jake’s fingers are always in his mouth.  Yes, the playing in toilet water/fingers in mouth duo has already occured to me. 

The sensible mom part of me has been telling Jake to stop playing in the toilet and to get his fingers out of his mouth.  You know, because it’s rude.  Or something.  But, when I mentioned those two things to Lisa, she got really excited and said that Jake is starting to teach himself about the mechanics of his teeth, tongue, soft palette, etc., and that putting his fingers in his mouth is helping him learn about how everything is supposed to work.  Which is a good thing in a weird sort of way.

We talked about a bunch of different things this week and have decided to do about half sensory work and half speech, incorporating both into “messy play”.  Which looks something like this:






















Some of you may recognize the above pictures from fourth grade science class as Ooblek, the mixture of corn starch and water that is either fluid or solid depending on how much water you add and how much you manipulate it.  Jake really has a hard time with this one, much preferring the dry beans, rice and bird seed he gets to play with.  He continues to struggle with damp or wet things, although we are seeing some progress.

Even though I’m frustrated with how long it has taken to get another occupational therapy assessment done for Jake (have now left my fourth message with the school district), I’m still pretty content with the work Lisa is able to do for us.  She continues to be a huge help, an honest partner, and an encouragement to us.  I’m so thankful for her!

She noticed this week that Jake’s speech is improving dramatically.  I think I see a diference, but it’s not as noticeable to me since I’m with him all the time.  His sense of humor still moves at the speed of light and I was laughing pretty hard this morning when he told me to “obey” after I told him I didn’t want him to have another cracker.  He cracks me up!

So, all in all, even though we’re still waiting on a lot of diferent things, Jake’s therapy is going well and things are good.

My assignments for the week are start incorporating water into the bird seed, rice, and dry bean mixtures.  As always, I’ll have the water available and let Jake add it when he is ready, rather than forcing it on him.  This will get him used to combinations of textures-dry and wet, solids and liquids, etc. I also need to make a list of all the foods that Jake will eat and categorize them into the level of resistance he gives to each one.   The last assignment, which I’m trying to not gross out over, is to let Jake continue to play in the toilet water and keep sucking on his fingers.

In the meantime, I’ll be bleaching my toilet bowl.  Every half hour or so.

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One Response to The Kid’s Speech: Eau de Toilette Fingers

  1. Mama Bee says:

    Mary, you are a completely awesome mama, and if I could, I’d come bleach your toilet bowl for you to show my total support.

    Also, I highly recommend LifeTree bathroom cleaner if you get tired of the smell of bleach. I started using it almost every day when the cat started pooping in the tub every time somebody left the door open. The one I use has tea tree oil and lavender oil in it, and it actually smells really nice and it’s eco-friendly and says it’s “safe for cleaning nurseries and children’s toys”. It’s a concentrate so a little goes a VERY long way.

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