The Kid’s Speech: I Love Lisa

This last week has been another few days of struggling to do what I’m supposed to do.  It seems like we never quite catch a break with having time to work with Jake and all being healthy at the same time. 

We did make some progress, though.  He ate chicken nuggets on his own at lunch today.  And, this evening, he voluntarily picked up part of his dinner and put it in his mouth.  That’s a very huge first. 

His speech seems to be getting better every day and some of the things he’s saying are so cute and funny.  Whenever I cough (which has been frequently this week), he runs up to me and say, “Ok, Mama?”.  Which melts my heart every time.  I didn’t realize how much I say “What’s up, dude?” to him until this week when he started to ask, “”sup, doot?” all the time.  He also says “bess you!” whenever one of us or the dogs sneeze.  There is still a ton of gibberish but a stranger understood him for the first time this week and that was pretty amazing!

Lisa and I are going back to the SOS method of therapy with Jake during our weekly sessions.  I can’t remember what SOS actually stands for, but I always smile, thinking that I quite literally sent up my own SOS signals before Jake started his therapy this year.   Whatever it stands for, it’s the same method that Becky used with Jake to help him de-stress whenever presented with textures he doesn’t like.

Lisa saw for the first time how afraid Jake is while he is eating and noticed for the first time that Jake’s comfort zone is still about a foot away from his body.  He can tolerate anything being on the table, but as soon as is starts to get any closer, he really has a hard time.  I gave her the list of all the foods he can tolerate and I think we have a good base to work from.

I confessed the fact that I haven’t been working with Jake very much, hoping I wasn’t going to get the Why Don’t You Love Your Child Enough To Do Everything In Your Power At Every Moment To Help Him lecture.  I should have known better.  🙂  Lisa just said, “Well, there are times when we can totally focus on our child and there are times when life is just more complicated than that.”  She herself has a lot of things going on, knows what I’m dealing with right now, and we both agreed that somedays, things are such a mess we can’t even figure out if we want peanut butter or ham on our sandwiches. 

So, we made a tentative plan of me doing two sessions of snack therapy, speech therapy, and deep pressure workouts, and that I’m not allowed to feel bad if I can only muster the energy to do one session each. I sometimes forget that Jake’s therapy is a marathon, not a sprint, and that if we need to do a little walking, that’s ok.  Even more than that, a little walking might be best for our family.

I think that I really do know all this somewhere in my head, but it takes someone like Lisa who has been there, to remind me, encourage me, and put me back on the right track.  I don’t know what I would do without her right now! 

We finally did get scheduled for an occupational therapy assessment which is tomorrow (Friday) at 10:30.   This is our fifth assessment with Jake and I’m going to limit my caffeine tomorrow so that I’m not inappropriately sarcastic about being asked why I feel like Jake needs help for the 1,000th time.  Every time, I have to remind myself that this person doesn’t know us and the only way I can get Jake the help he needs is to patiently answer every question, be open to all the suppositions and questions about my parenting skills, and only roll my eyeballs when I’m in no danger of being seen!  Wouldn’t say no to prayers, especially for that last one.  🙂  I’ll write soon and let all of Jake’s adoring fans know what’s going on. 

Love you all!

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2 Responses to The Kid’s Speech: I Love Lisa

  1. Michael says:

    Love you. Praying for you.

  2. sisterone says:

    You can text me with all your snark if you like. Love you!

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