The Workout Box

I’m currently smack in the middle of what I call my “winter panic”.  Simply put, I feel like the cold is never going to be over and that somehow Narnia’s never-ending winter has come to live in my backyard.  When we decided to move to Colorado two years ago, my outdoors-y self rejoiced in the thought of the multitude of adventures to be had outside and I fantasized at being ruggedly healthy and muscular.   What I didn’t realize is that it’s dark and cold for six months out of the year.

At this point, you are probably all self-righteous and wanting give me the lectures about winter gear and how if I just want to bad enough I could be outside in the winter.  That is all very true.  Except for the fact that I hate to be cold, and I don’t particularly like to be run over while trying to run at night.  On the ice.  In 15 degree weather.  And, if I did get run over, I would probably freeze to death and be eaten by wild dogs since we can’t afford to spend a thousand dollars on appropriate cold-weather gear.

So, I’m faced with the dilemma of having to workout indoors for half of the year.  The problem is that I am warm, but very, very bored.  I have a treadmill, which helps.  But, wow, is that boring.  Even with the chair/cardboard box I’ve rigged to hold my laptop so I can watch episodes of my favorite shows, it’s really hard to want to run.  I can ran outdoors almost endlessly because of the sun, the hills, the warmth on my skin, and occasionally getting a good burst of speed because of the dogs chasing me.  But, inside?  That’s been rough.

I’ve tried almost everything to have some variety.  Netflix streaming has a fair amount of workouts to do.  I did cross-fit for about four weeks, but without the equipment and that ten walking lunges brings me across my entire house, it gets challenging.  My roof is just a little too short for jump-roping inside.

Yesterday, I finally was able to articulate why I workout really well for about a month and then lapse into whining and quitting.  I love to workout.  I just hate having to decide on a workout and then getting bored with it after a few days.  I’ve somehow convinced myself that if I run, I have to run every day.  If I do cross-fit, I have to do cross-fit every day.  As I lay about on my couch eating doritos last night, I fantasized about my own personal trainer to tell me what do to, eliminating the need to have to make decisions.   As I imagined a muscle-bound jerk yelling at me to do three more reps of something or other, my brain kicked me the back of my teeth and yelled at me to stop being so lazy and do it myself.

My brain was also nice enough to hand me the solution:  My Workout Box.  Since I enjoy variety in my workout, but having to decide which is the absolute best most perfect workout for me seems to be too much for my tired brain, I’m going to take the guesswork out of it.  I now have a box with pieces of paper with the following workouts written on them:  Running, Yoga/Pilates, Weight lifting/stretching, Cross-fit, as well as several of my favorite workout videos.  Every day, I’m going to reach into my little box and do whatever workout I pull out.  Hopefully, that will eliminate my boredom, lack of motivation, and ability to convince myself that baking bread is a legitimate workout.

We’ll see how it goes!





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7 Responses to The Workout Box

  1. cheekypinky says:

    I think that is utterly brilliant!!!

  2. Dottie says:

    I so understand about the treadmill. I had one that I used sporadically for a time and then it became a great place to hand things. I much rather walk outside and, fortunately, that’s a viable option for me. The ideal would be to belong to a gym where you can use the treadmill on rainy days; however, my experience has been that everyone else has the same idea and you can’t get into the place on those days.

  3. Dyann says:

    Great idea! Burn a few calories, for me, too.

    And what if you tethered a rabid dog just a few inches behind the treadmill? Would that work for your speed bursts?

  4. Kiert says:

    Brilliant! I love it!

  5. jessaqpublic says:

    Seriously good idea!

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