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Year of the Yuck: Part 1

Over the past fifteen months, I’ve done some serious growing up.  My life has been pretty easy, so a lot of lessons like wisdom in trusting the right people, and that things don’t always turn out rosy, which some people learn relatively young, … Continue reading

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The last several posts about Jake’s progress in therapy have been fairly serious.  This week is just going to be cute and fun. We work so hard to correct Jake’s speech, that I forget how funny he can be.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Jake’s Therapy: Yay for Jake!

Yesterday was a great day in our life of therapy sessions.  I don’t know how many times I’ve taken Jake to an appointment, thinking that everything would be so great, only to have Jake turn into a monkey’s bottom somewhere … Continue reading

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The House or My Own First World Problem

My brain is annoying me today by being grey and blah and swirly.  This post is mostly to help me get a few things sorted out since I’d rather have some clarity.  Feel free to tag along if you like. … Continue reading

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Jake’s Therapy: Something Different

Today has been a learning day.  I feel like I learn something almost every day, even if it’s something  small, such as learning that a nail sticking out of the floor really isn’t going to take care of itself.  And, that … Continue reading

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