Jake’s Therapy: Yay for Jake!

Yesterday was a great day in our life of therapy sessions.  I don’t know how many times I’ve taken Jake to an appointment, thinking that everything would be so great, only to have Jake turn into a monkey’s bottom somewhere along the way.  Instead of Jake showing off all the good work, I’d leave holding a screeching toddler and wondering what in the world happened.  Every few months or so, I feel like I’m due a really good session.

If you remember from last week, we decided to change everything about Jake’s eating from when he ate all the way down to how food was presented.  The first day was fantastic and the second through fourth were horrible in the extreme.  However, Jake is settling into the new routine of the constant supply of food being cut off and being required to sit, in his chair, at the table, for every meal.

I’m amazed at how well he is doing now.  Since he actually feels hungry, Jake is motivated to chew his food quickly and want more.  Mealtimes have been cut down from an hour to a little over half an hour.  Even though the between meal and snack times are still pretty cranky, I’ve been firm with no more snacks between snacks.  He was starting to become downright hobbit-ish in his desire to eat constantly…breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, mid-morning tea, lunch, etc. 

When Jennifer arrived yesterday, I was hoping and praying that Jake would cooperate and show off how well he has been doing.  And, did he ever!  He ate an entire meal, even being willing to “stab” his own food with his fork, which is something he highly resists right now.  And one glorious time, he even got something on his finger, looked at it like it was an alien from outerspace, and calmly wiped it on his pants.  Granted, he did cry three other times about food on his fingers, but he did it right once and that made my morning.

We are going to continue to work on developing the routine of healthy feeding and see how we progress.  I am really, really encouraged right now!

On a different topic, we are quickly heading towards the time when Jake will no longer qualify for The Resource Exchange as they only provide in-home services until a child turns three.  On June 20th, we will be done with therapy and will, hopefully, transition Jake into a special preschool where he will continue to have help, but in a class setting.

To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to preschool.  Up to this time, I’ve been Jake’s main advocate, the one involved in every portion of his therapy, and I quite honestly really enjoy hanging out with him.  So, to think of letting my three-year old go to school where other people will be the main therapy guides is really weird.  I’m sure I’ll be fine when it comes, but right now it just feels strange.

We will have a transition meeting in the next few weeks to decide what next steps need to be taken.  I will probably be getting an official diagnosis of some kind.  Whether that will be autism or sensory processing disorder or pervasive developmental delay, I have no idea.  It is possible that Jake has something else that hasn’t been on our radar yet. 

For the next three weeks, I’ll be meeting with a child psychologist to help me get some of this figured out.  We still have concerns about Jake’s echolalia (constant repeating) as well as some OCD tendencies.  The goal will be, as with the rest of Jake’s problems, to help guide him through those tendencies in a healthy way that will enable him to appropriately interact with his environment.  (I bet you can’t tell that I’ve said that sentence a hundred times, right?)

Even with all the technical junk in our life, Jake continues to be the sweetest, funniest kid around and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for him.  His speech is improving daily, which is not always a good thing, and he’s discovered that spitting over the back of the couch is really hilarious.  He’s also taken to wearing his tiny Mr. Potato Head glasses and came home from church this week with his first ever Sunday School craft.  Even though I was in charge of planning the craft for his class, it made me melt to see the one that he did. 

Thanks for joining me on our therapy journey.  Here’s a little something to brighten up your day…

Jake looking “ever so smart”.


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3 Responses to Jake’s Therapy: Yay for Jake!

  1. Laura Jane says:

    Sheesh, you lucky mama. You have one of the most adorablest kids I’ve ever seen. I’m glad to hear there are encouraging steps in the journey like this. Keep it up!

  2. Dyann says:

    I ❤ that 'doing it right' is wiping it on is pants. Perfect!

  3. behnnie says:

    So good to hear about the times when things go so well. 🙂 That’s a special kid you’ve got there, lady. And lucky for him he’s got a special family that loves him- a mom, a dad, extended family, friends spread out all over the country… 😉

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