The last several posts about Jake’s progress in therapy have been fairly serious.  This week is just going to be cute and fun.

We work so hard to correct Jake’s speech, that I forget how funny he can be.  I’ve already forgotten some of the funny ways he used to talk, so I decided to write down, and share, some of his funnier sayings.

Blankets: Bangins

Bathtime: Basstiyeem

Buttons: Buggins as in “want push buggins!”

Purple:  Peepoh

Here we go:  Heedee go

Computer: Beeler or Pooter

Emile (Jake’s friend):  Meoh

The dogs collars are called “doggie keys” since they sound like keys rattling.

Tail and towel:  Teeoh

Jacob Smith:  Jakum Miff which has progressed from Geekaw

Hey, dude:  Hey, Doot

Kisses:  Pisses

Monkey: Ginky.  “Ginkys” are Jake’s favorite, so there is Big Ginky, Funny Ginky, and Leoh Ginky (Little Ginky)

Chips: Pips

Blue:  Thooooooo

Neck:  Nack

X:  Ax

Lamb: Liam

Elephant: Elenant

Diaper: Dahperrrrrrrrrr

Tree:  Free

Flush toilet:  Lock toolet

Toothpaste: Toopiece

Bottom:  Bollom

Fork:  Sork

Help, please:  Hulp, peese

Piglet:  Pigit

Coffee:  Possee

Snowy: Nosy

Cheerios:  Choos

Freckles: Frecksohs

Music:  Shoogeck

No barking!: No bahking!

I love you: Ahloo.

Some of the funny things he says, correctly, but still make me laugh:

Oooh, light! Which he says almost constantly.

One, two, three, four, five, yaaaaaaaay!

Woah, man.

Hey, dude.

Up zip instead of zip up.

Whenever I weigh myself he cheers and says, “Yay, Mama!”, which is so nice, especially when the scale isn’t being nice.  🙂

I really am amazed at how much clearer his speech is getting. Before I know it, speech therapy will be over and he’ll be speaking clearly.  I’ll be thankful when that day comes, but for now I am going to enjoy all the funny things Jake says.



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6 Responses to Jake-isms

  1. cheekypinky says:

    “Yay, Mama!”

    Good man, Jake.
    Good man.

  2. Carol says:

    So sweet! You’re wise to write these down. I’ve forgotten so many things I thought for sure I’d remember. I love doggie keys, I will think of that now when I hear my three jingling around.

  3. Pamela Gedalia says:

    Jonathan (almost 19 now) had some sayings that puzzled us for awhile.

    We me no whi ….. read me Snow White.
    A,B,C,D,E,F,G,otch, I, J ,K
    Pineapple = Apple Pie
    Ahhhpooo …… Apple
    WayWay …… Rachel

    I am sure there are more that I can no
    longer remember.

  4. Catherine says:

    give him pisses from me!

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