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Help in the Midst of the Inferno

I wrote the following blog in the middle of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado.  It seemed to resonate with a lot of people, so I am re-posting it for the people who are going through the Butte Fire as … Continue reading

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Waiting Room Musings and Medical Punch Cards

Ten years of serious medical problems has led me to come face to face with my arch-nemesis:  The waiting room. I hate hospital waiting rooms.  I hate the waiting part.  I hate the waiting for what is probably going to … Continue reading

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Jake’s Therapy: Another Chapter Closed

When our first therapist told me that Jake’s therapy would be a marathon, not a sprint, I never expected that some of our mile-markers would be so hard to pass.  We said goodbye to our two therapists from the The Resource … Continue reading

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Jake’s Therapy: Is This Your Monkey?

When I was in school, I never would have thought I would be begging for extra work to do over the summer break.  With Jake, however, I need all the help I can get to get through the gap between … Continue reading

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