Not So Quiet

The last post I wrote was about how my writer’s voice had gone away.

She’s back.

She brought a bottle of wine and chinese food, but refused to tell me where she had gone.

Seriously, though.  Something happened to me this morning (about which I may or may not tell you later) and the weight that has been squeezing me on all sides was suddenly gone.  I walked out of a building and was smacked in the soul with peace, joy, and relief.

I also got hit with a very sudden desire to write.

I don’t feel like I have to sit down and write it all.  In fact, I want some space and time to get to know my voice again, hear about her adventures, and learn a little bit more about the space I’m supposed to be occupying.

I don’t know where that space is yet or what it looks like, but I know that instead of having to force a place for me that wasn’t what anyone wanted, that God has His own perfect place for me to be.

I think when I get there my soul will be fed and cared for and that even if that place takes time and energy that instead of being used up and exhausted, I will be filled with joy and freedom.

Because that is what it looks like to follow God and His plan instead of my own.

Okay.  Enough preaching.  I’m seriously excited about the future, though and I couldn’t wait to say something about it.  Even though I’m not really saying anything.

I can’t wait to find the new place, in a very Lucy falling through the wardrobe, kind of way.

There will be lots of writing there!  🙂

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