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Chronic Pain: Mama Hurts

Being a person who struggles with chronic pain is sometimes a rough gig. I often feel that if the pain was only physical, I could deal with it.  Unfortunately, pain seeps through my edges of my body and into my … Continue reading

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The Grace of Blank Pages

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to read books.  I have read everything from silly books for children all the way up to incredibly intense books on the Holocaust.  I find that the harder the book, … Continue reading

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I Would Never

This week, I did something on my “I Would Never” list.  I decided to pull Jake out of preschool.  Granted, it’s only a week early and so my decision isn’t as dramatic as it would have been if it were … Continue reading

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Moving is…Darkest Before the Dawn

  People always say that moving is one of the most stressful of all life events.  I tend to laugh when I hear that because, for us, our list of Top 5 most stressful life events include things like cancer, … Continue reading

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