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The Mask of Epilepsy

I don’t like writing stories that don’t have an ending.  I hate it when I can’t be funny about something and it really drives me crazy when I can’t find the point in all of the things that need to … Continue reading

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E is for Epilepsy: The Big Update

I realized recently that I have been doing a bad job of updating people on recent events with Jake.  I am going to let myself off the hook since the last few months have been completely bonkers with concerts, finals, … Continue reading

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The Amazing Jacob List

It’s been almost exactly a year since Jacob was diagnosed with epilepsy.  So much has happened in the last year, but this post isn’t about all of that. We had his third EEG a few weeks ago, but this post … Continue reading

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Faces on the Long Road

I’ve often referred to the role I play in Jake’s special needs and health problems as “Mama Bear”.  I’m cute and fluffy and I like sweet things, but when I need to, I can stand up and roar really loudly … Continue reading

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E is for Epilepsy: Quick Update

I thought that I would write a few paragraphs about where we are now with our new journey in the world of epilepsy. If you didn’t know we are on that particular journey, read this: E is for Epilepsy Jake has … Continue reading

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E is for Epilepsy

I’ve been starting a lot of posts lately about Jake’s health with the phrase, “I’m not exactly sure how to say this…”.  This is another one of those. If you have been following along lately, you know that Jake had … Continue reading

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