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The Mask of Epilepsy

I don’t like writing stories that don’t have an ending.  I hate it when I can’t be funny about something and it really drives me crazy when I can’t find the point in all of the things that need to … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Brain

About two months ago, my chronic pain reached new heights of terribleness and I spent almost a month trying not to lose my mind.  I’m one of the lucky chronic pain patients who, although something hurts all the time, I … Continue reading

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I’m Normal…?

The more I experience crises, pain, times of stress, super-fun things that happen, the more I’m thankful for my brain’s ability to shut itself down for a while.  Not all the way down, exactly.  I still have the ability to … Continue reading

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Chronic Pain: Ebbs and Flows and Hope

  Over the last three years of having more intense chronic pain than ever before, I have learned that pain comes in waves.  I have good days and bad days.  And then there are really good days and really bad … Continue reading

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Pear Shaped Yoga Ball

I had a stupid day yesterday. A pear shaped day. The kind of day where Jake barfed right after I got him out of the bathtub and into his fuzzy jammies. And the dogs wouldn’t stay off the couch or … Continue reading

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